Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Using the Computer In the Teacher's Room

I am currently writing this from the computer at the far end of the teacher's room. Today, we have 11 teachers on leave. most probably due to the long weekend we have ahead of us due to the Chinese New Year celebrations. As such a large number of teachers are absent, the staffroom is nearly empty except for another teacher and I as teachers are on relief duty, relieving the absent teachers of their classes.

It's just surreal to be in the staffroom, nearly all alone, blogging about this. Guess life just keeps throwing us things weirder than we could ever imagine. I never imagined life in Singapore, but it happened; I never envisioned myself blogging in the teacher's room, but here I am typing this post.

I'm currently reading a book on creative envisioning by the famous Feng Shui expert, Lillian Too. The special thing about that book, which I found on my desk, is that it not only is personally autographed by the wise master herself, but it is one of the few books written by her that has nothing to do with Feng Shui or any form of geomancy. I guess that book of hers is one of her first few books published, before she got into the whole business of being a Feng Shui consultant.

While some of you out there may be skeptical of creative envisioning, the powers of positive thinking and the law of attraction, let me share my experience with you that may help convince you. Just last night, as I was reading a book on positive affirmations and how we can choose to forget the pain in our pasts and focus on the happy times instead, my muse just jumped into my mind. I guess that lately, things have been so messed up that I think about the happy, happy times we had together, which were indeed the happiest I ever had, so much less these days. I don't know why, but it just seems that we humans, by default, choose to dwell in the negative things in our lives. So I decided to think about the good things that happened to us in the past few months, and then I felt my phone buzzing. She messaged, telling me that she misses me too.

I'm going to reprogram my thinking and look towards a happier, brighter future, just because I CAN!