Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Broken in.

Yes, when I entered the office this morning, I discovered that the electronic door was ajar, held open by a office chair. I thought the air conditioner broke down, but I walked in only to see my desk mysteriously empty. What happened to my monitor?

My ransacked table. Notice the missing computer. Damn.

Yes, you got that right, we've just been the victim of a break in. The very first break in that I'm directly experiencing and whose effects i'm directly feeling.

The burglars broke through the wooden door, disarmed the magnetic door somehow and went for the money. ): We lost like RM1000 in petty cash and advertising money but the most significant thing that we lost was that computer that I did all my work on.

Yes, the computer is gone and all the payment records, letters and databased listings are all stored there. And guess who has to get that all back on track again?

Damn those burglars.


Anyway, those burglars aren't going to get me down, because I'm so excited about my upcoming project on Hamlet's Hero, aren't you?

I know you are. (:

Don't miss it coming out this Friday!

Love doctor, signing out.


see me for who I am... said...

Why all also abt wat woman wants one??
Why canot what men wants leh??

Kevin Chan said...

Because I'm not really interested in what other men want. (: If that were the case, i know a few girls out there who would be tearing now and resolving never to talk to me again.

So be thankful that I'm more interested in the fairer sex ya?

And besides, EVERYBODY knows what we guys want, RIGHT?