Monday, May 05, 2008

Office Updates

"I'm trying to get Benjamin from Star Classifieds to settle some invoicing matters but the automated-telephone-answering-system keeps going "our tele-agents are currently busy at the moment, please hold on..." and Light FM keeps playing over the telephone."

A day in my life working at Summerhill Realty in Sunway Mas commercial center.

And that's also a good example how Light FM is just everywhere these days! Please, I get enough Light FM at home, in the car, and in the office already! Why is Light FM everywhere!? Including the telephone! Listening to one too many Lobo songs (which my dad loves to death) can indeed drive you mad, trust me.

Anyway, I digress. Now time for some updates on my (very interesting) life in point form:

1. I got accepted into Nanyang Business School, NTU.
I don't mean to brag, but I expected this coming. Guess my 5 minute interview really did turn out well. However, I'm still weighing my options. It's really unlikely right now, but I'm still praying that I suddenly receive a letter from NUS law school. I'm really not sure if I should still go down to study in Singapore if I don't get law there. Is it really worth studying something other than law there when I can probably get into HELP University College's law school without too much trouble. And yeah, further excerbating the Singapore problem is that I am yet to hear from any of the scholarships that I have applied for. ): Guess that I'll have to start thinking about how to finance my studies in Singapore, real soon. Oh well, hope that it all works out right.

2. I'm working as an admin assistant at Summerhill Realty.
Yeah, since I have been relieved of my duties as a debate coach, I'm currently working at Summerhill Realty doing office work. Siew Ho was so kind to recommend me for the job. So here I am, typing this post at Jun Wei's mom, Michelle's office in Sunway Mas commercial centre. Work here has been pretty okay and I have been preparing documents, sorting files and all sorts of office work here since I started work last Friday. I never really liked office work, but oh well, guess its a new experience right?

3. I'm missing my debaters and students so badly now!
Yeah, working in an office means that I'm sitting down sorting stuff and using the computer most of the time. I miss all the fun times we've had together la... all the crazy times in class, my extended debate discussion sessions, and just hanging out in the teacher's room with Tysern, Chongxian and Patrick. My debaters too, it was such a great time we all spent together even though it was so stressful. It just seems so weird coming to work each day and not seeing the faces that I've been seeing everyday for the past 1 and a half months or so. Miss all of you guys so much. *puts on sad face* We really must all meet up soon, and that includes all of my students too. I know I was going on about how we must all meet up and party, and we'll do that after your exams kay? My house is open to you guys, so till then, study hard kay?

4. I need to start working out again!
Debate stress and long hours of office work, is bad for ab-formation, trust me. ):
Gotta start working out hard again the way I used too. A flat tummy is not enough, gotta get those abs out somehow. I can do it! Haih, but I guess I need more motivation somehow. Any ideas anyone?

5. I'm teaching tuition!
I'm helping Rachel out with her chemistry so I've been hitting the form 4 chemistry books recently. Anyone else need help with their chemistry? Or maybe even physics? I'll love to help you guys catch up after my office hours. Hope my chemistry didn't deteriorate too much!

Guess that's it for today. Till then, take care people!


ashiqchu said...

hey retard.
somehow found my way to your blog. didn't know you applied for NUS Law too. following somebody's footsteps i guess? anyway i got an offer from NBS too. anyway i probably won't visit your blog cos i'm still serving my (dumb) NS so email me or something ya?

Kevin Chan said...

Hey dude, yeah I wanna do law too, but it's not because I want to follow in any footsteps alright? :P Keep popping by my blog lar. Worst case scenario I'll be seeing you as my junior in NBS only lor. :D Cheers, mate!

ern sheong said...

hey congrats on NBS acceptance although it might not be what you really want. but hey keep fingers crossed on NUS Law ok? =)