Monday, May 26, 2008

The grass ain't greener on the other side.

I saw this on PostSecret and it really strikes a chord inside me.

Be kind - for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

I keep hearing how people keep complaining how terrible their lives are and how perfect the lives of some people seem to be. Some people seem to have it all - they're popular; good looking; intelligent; rich and have traveled to all four corners of the globe before they're even twelve.

I used to think why life was so unfair, why some kids seemed to get all the toys and all the attention, but some didn't seem to get their fair share. Why did some kids get to go on expensive trips to Europe and the USA when I never seemed to go anywhere out of the country? Why did some kids get all the branded stuff that my parents never seemed to pamper me with? Was the world just unfair and I was put on the losing end? It sure did seem that way.

As I grew older (and more mature, I hope), I begun to realize the truth - the grass isn't greener on the other side. I started to realize that all of us are but flawed humans, and that everybody, no matter how successful they seem to be on the outside has either struggled really hard to overcome great obstacles, or are still battling their inner demons who we don't know about.

All of us have our own burdens to bear, and it's just plain immature to think that your burdens are heavier than everybody else's.

This is life. People all around are just like you. Just because they're richer, more popular or more physically attractive doesn't mean that they don't have a whole large set of problems to deal with. Life makes sure of that, it just has its own way of making things fair.

We're all struggling to survive in this world, so if you can, I strongly believe in extending a little kindness, a little bit of love to the people around you. Showing how much you love your friends with a big bear hug; making a phone call to talk to a friend whom you've not seen for a while; or even a kind, encouraging word, don't take too much effort, but they make life so much more meaningful and pleasant.

Mother Teresa once said "Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness: Kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile."

I strongly believe in those words. As hard as life seems to be, just by taking the effort to brighten someone else's day you also end up making yours seem so much sweeter.

We can't choose the cards that we're dealt, but we can still play them the best we can. Pass the love around. (:


The grass can be green... on DJ's side that is! We won the HELP College National Debate yesterday, making it NINE national interschool debating titles in NINE years!

Congrats to Neal, who won best speaker at the finals yesterday, Michelle, Rabin and Ming Ping! I'm so proud of you guys! Continue to come back and help out debaters in the future, kay?

Check out the updated DJ Debate Hall of Fame here!

Maybe the grass really is greener on DJ's side after all...... after we get rid of Datin, that is.

Cheers to all!


Anonymous said...

Life is a mystery.
If you say it is not right to compare, you are not wrong.
If you say it is impossible not to compare, you are also not wrong.
We are created this way and no one can change that.

I believe it all boils down to expectation management.
You can compare yourself to Simon Cowell and his riches but that doesn't mean that you yearn and desire for the figures in his bank account. (If anyone does, then he must be dreaming...)

Getting the world to extend kindess is like asking God to make pigs fly. Quoting from your own words: "Life makes sure of that, it just has its own way of making things fair."
If all things must be fair and have a balance then wouldn't it be so that there'll definitely be unkind people?

We can't choose the cards that we're dealt, but we can still play them the best we can. - But that doesn't mean that you'll win.


Kevin Chan said...

Yeah, you hit it on the nail with the expectation management. Happiness is all in the head anyway, we just gotta perceive it to have it. (:

And if we can do that, play the cards that way, we'll definitely win. Ya?

Kendra Holliday said...

I love the book "Stumbling on Happiness" by Dan Gilbert. People THINK having kids or winning the lottery will make them happy, or losing a leg would make them miserable, but it's surprising what really does bring happiness - not always what you think.

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

I like this thought post. We as humans are always complaining and whining. You're right there is no greener side of anything. It is just more grass of the same one you are standing on. To me, it's up to you, to see whether you want to make the best of your grass. Grow your own flowers, or wheats or whatever on your side. Maybe then your side won't be so bad in life. :)

Great post.