Saturday, May 17, 2008

Static Friction

Today I want to talk about static friction. Yes, Kevin will be a nerd today (yes I know, Nayan!) and revisit his A-level Physics for a good reason.

First up, what is static friction?

Static friction refers to the frictional forces opposing the motion of an object at rest. What's special about static friction is that its greater then kinetic friction, which is the friction acts on the object when it is actually moving.

In simpler terms, an object experiences less friction when it is actually moving, compared to the friction that you would have to overcome in order to make it begin to move.

The science of friction.

That's the reason why you require less force exerted to keep a moving cardboard box in motion as compared to the force required to make a stationary box move.

Why all this physics talk? Cause I have just recently discovered the greatest source of static friction the world has ever seen - the enormous static friction between my bum and my very comfy chair. Must.... overcome..... FRICTIONAL FORCES and go EXERCISE!

A well of enormous friction. It's almost magnetic!

I've also realized that this whole concept of static friction also carries on into other things in life. I can be quite a procrastinator but I realized that after you actually make yourself do something that you've been putting off, your momentum makes it so much easier to keep going.

A strategy to overcome procrastination that I have found quite useful is to push yourself into taking the first step and committing yourself to that first 10 minutes of an activity that you have been putting away. This helps you overcome the static friction that's holding you back from whatever you should be doing, be it completing an assignment or working out.

I've recently tried this and it really has helped me work out those (not so forgotten) abs more these days, and I hope that it benefits you guys too!

Just press through the first few minutes whenever you feel like procrastinating!


On a different note, I really hope that you guys enjoyed the first installment of What Women Want! Will come up with an update this coming Friday, so people, STAY TUNED for more!


Anonymous said...

cool post! it strengthens my belief tht all laws of science are a reflection of the laws of life. u like physics too? u can come read my scifi stories. the link is on bloghub, under 'my scifi stories'

Kevin Chan said...

Hahaha! I don't believe that ALL laws of science reflect life lah!

But sometimes they do in very interesting ways. (:

Thanks for popping by!