Friday, May 30, 2008

Truth really is weirder than fiction...

I spent all night trying to convince myself that NTU was the better business school. Better education there, more friends there, and so I chucked the NUS acceptance letters to the side.

I was 95 percent sure of going to NTU, I told my friends about two hours ago. Then my grandaunt from Singapore called up about faxing over a letter from NUS. I thought that it was just another brochure.

But it's true when they say that truth is indeed weirder than fiction, because even though I was never called for interviews of any sort from NUS, the letter looked like this:

I didn't see it coming!

Did I tell you that truth was weirder than fiction?

And did I mention that if this was a day late I would have missed this opportunity completely because I wouldn't be in time to send in the forms then?

Gotta get those forms all filled up now!

God works in mysterious ways. (:

Love you guys!

P.S. due to this application issue that popped up, out of the blue, What Women Want #3 will be slightly delayed.

Edit: I got NTU's ASEAN offer too! Looks like I was right about going to NTU after all!


su said...

congrats Kevin! it's great that you're coming back to Singapore! we can have more proper brunch bunch brunches!

Suh Ming said...

omg CONGRATS! this is so cool. i must sit in your car before you leave. this is cause you asked if you were going to die in my car. >=(. heehee. congrats again! =)

Kevin Chan said...

Thanks for your support!

Yeah, guess it looks like I'm definitely going back to Singapore now!

And I drive real safe (when I have passengers lah). (: Happy!