Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movie Review By The Awesome Maria 'Hamlet' Gimik - Harold and Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay

Movie Review By The Awesome Maria 'Hamlet' Gimik!

Warning: Spoilers may appear and might seriously piss you off. Then again, I always seem to have a penchant for pissing people off. It's a gift endowed to me.

So after 7 years of friendship, a mate of mine finally realized what an amazing friend I am and decided to give me free passes (and FOOD) to the latest 'Harold & Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay'. And I had to wait 7 years for this. Sheesh.

The movie, how should I put this, reflects upon the general intellectual wavelengths of the Generation Y. 'Harold & Kumar' can be described as the modern version of the quintessential classic that is 'Catcher in the Rye'........

Nahhhhhhh. Who am I kidding.

Basically, if you do not like slapstick, if you frown upon the frequent distasteful sexual and toilet humour, if you do not appreciate racist and political jokes, DO NOT watch it.

As for me, I absolutely enjoyed it!

Harold falls for this chick, Maria (Yes, I know, many hot women are named Maria, just like yours truly), and learns that she has flewn off to Amsterdam. Certain that Maria is his one true love, he decides to grab the next flight to Amsterdam, bringing Kumar along, to profess his devotion to her. Kumar's just there for all the legal weed. Yes, I like his style.

However, Kumar, the genius, brings along a smokeless bong into the plane and decides to smoke weed ON the plane too. A paranoid white old woman sees this and shouts 'TERRORIST!'. A trippy Kumar goes 'Relax man, it's just a bong'. The passengers all go 'OH MY GOD. BOMB!'

(Here, I'm laughing cos it's so freaking hilarious)

So here, Harold & Kumar gets locked up in Guantanamo Bay with all the other 'terrorists'. They eventually escape. How they escape you say? Well, I won't say cos I know for a fact Kevin's blog is patronized by numerous young kids. And I am not one to pollute innocence.

My favourite dialogue picked from the movie (from memory la):

Terrorist: 'We 'terrorists' would not exist if your government would not do what they are doing to other nations now. You stupid americans would know that if you weren't always eating your stupid donuts!'


HAHAHAHA. OH god. That cracks me up. Totally kills Maria! Hahaha.

So anyway, watch it if you're above 18 and if you're looking for spastic humour (which is totally my kinda thing).
If you're Malaysian, like my dearest Kevin, don't even hope to catch it in Malaysian cinemas. Come to Singapore, or... do what you guys do best. And no, it isn't selling us water and fluctuating the prices very so often, likening it to Britney's weight changes. It's the OTHER thing Malaysia is good at. The OTHER thing.


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