Saturday, June 21, 2008

I need a crazy, crazy trip.

Yes. I need a crazy, crazy trip to somewhere far, far away.

All I want to do now is to just pack the minimum - a few shirts, underwear, laptop, camera - all into a backpack and go off and have an adventure.

I want to go to Bangkok, because it's near, it's cheap to get there and it actually seems like a nice place to visit (and I guess with my limited budget, I can't really afford to go anywhere else), and it's far enough a place to travel to actually make it feel like an adventure.

I need an adventure soon. Bad. Anyone else want to come along?

If we don't do things like dropping everything we have at the moment to go on a crazy, crazy trip, we haven't really lived life proper. Period.


And did I mention that I'm dreaming of getting cool gear like these guys for the trip? Haha, we'll see how it goes.


tysern said...

i sooo agree, college life is already hectic, coupled with the this and that of social life, can die lar seriously.

just wanna drop it all and call it a week off. but i can't. i have my friggin mid terms!

su said...

i'd love to come along! but i got to get my paycheck first :( i'm dying to go to bangkok

Kevin Chan said...


Let me know asap! I can't wait to just get my gear packed and drop it all to go!


Maybe during your coming hols lah!