Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Working Out

Still no replies from the email thing. ): Guess some people don't check their mails daily... But it was a fun exercise anyway.

Sleeping slightly earlier was really good for my system and it really paid off. So that's it, I'm going to do what I can to stick with this for 30 days. And today would be day two already. So, that's 28 more days of the sleeping early thing to do.


So what's the next big thing that I'm going to try doing for 30 days too?

Task for day 3:
Simple, it's what I always wanted to do if I had the energy to do so - work out.

I'm pretty happy with my figure, but one can always improve on what we have right? So I'm going to do just that - sleep early daily so that I'm fully energized to work out on a daily basis. I'm going to at least get out of the house every evening, if I have nothing on and run around my housing estate and work out.

So many times I have been so close to the legendary 6 pack abs that I always tried for, and so many times that I have ended up giving up half way because of my extremely nocturnal sleeping habits. It's going to work this time cause I'm going to make sure that I'm sleeping enough, well rested enough, and working out.

Tysern's laptop is beeping now and running out of juice real soon, so I got to go.

If you ever see my sleeping late and not working out in the evenings for the next 30 days,


Hamlet's Hero out.