Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wild Live Blogging!

Hamlet's Hero is currently at Modesto's, Sri Hartamas at the Nuffnang Wild Live Party! It's awesome! We got Tysern as the midget gorilla, Ee Fei as the caterpillar, and I'm the "Man-Cat"!

The crazy three with the chicken.

It's still quite early in the night so the party hasn't really begun proper but Tysern and I have already begun "attacking" the free booze here! Three cheers for free booze!

And I have a tail, but it's not really visible in the photos!


Can see tons of girls in wings here! Don't know why all they can think of is wings! (: Maybe they're just lazy! More on the party tonight!

More updates later! It certainly pays to be a Nuffnang user! Yay!

Update, The Following Day:

The update will be late as all the pictures (the really awesome ones) are still with Yi Ting!

But it was awesome!


Firdauz takes 5 said...

Dude, we have a hella nice picture together

the party was crazy man!

loved it

Kevin Chan said...

Yeah I saw that picture on that blog! Yeap, we're full of life! I'll write a post and put all my pics up when I have the time. (: