Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sleeping Right.

day I sent both letters out yesterday, but it seems to be a slow email day for me today. Didn't get that many emails concerning the property that I'm advertising on mudah.com.my either (yes, I'm trying to close a property deal quick so I can buy my Macbook for school!).

Guess some days are just not email days.

So I'll just save the writing about yesterday's task till when I get the replies. I also sent another email to a friend that I've not been in contact lately. Let's see if I can keep this up for 30 days, this whole a random email a day thing, and see just how it turns out. (:


But enough about emails, and on to the next 30 day trial that I would like to attempt. This was one of my main new year's resolutions for the past 2 years, but I never quite stuck with. Ready?

Task for Day 2:

It's SLEEPING EARLY (or at least EARLIER than I usually do), only for the nights where I have nothing of particular importance to do. Yup, I'll make myself sleep before 12 today. (:

Why do I feel that sleeping earlier is important?

Simple, because I get a lot grumpier and much less productive when I'm tired. When I'm tired, I can't concentrate so well, yawn more, and generally act like a 1000 times bitchier as compared to when I have had a good night's sleep.

And ever since I got a job that required me waking up in the mornings (yes, I do by default wake up in the early afternoon), my habit of sleeping late made me progressively a more tired and grumpy person. So, as Yoda would put it, sleep earlier I must.

And yes there's one more main reason I need to sleep early. Being tired is one of the main reasons (excuses) that I have for putting off exercise. I want to exercise! But it's just so hard to push myself to work out when all I can think of is just lazing around!

The problem is that I'm really a night owl! I can find all sorts of things to do at night, be it talking on the phone, doing some photoshop art, or completing a blog post. I like to think that I'm more productive at night, but the fact still remains that I have to wake up early. And being tired the whole day is a total bitch. I can't stand it anymore.

I've tried many times to start sleeping earlier, but this always seems to be the pattern where it all breaks down:

I start off motivated and I manage to sleep early.

I still manage to sleep early for a couple of days. I am mighty pleased with myself.

*POOF* Something pops up! It could be an overdue assignment, a late night party or a midnight phone call... and I wake up real late the next day. And I just can't sleep early that night. I am demoralized. The whole thing fails.

This time it's going to be different, cause I'm distancing myself from the primary evil that keeps me awake at night! The INTERNET (and PHOTOSHOP)!

And the other thing is that I'm going to be more flexible this time, in that it's ok to stay up on nights where I actually have something valid to do (which chatting and rambling on endlessly online are not) and to make it a point to catch up on sleep the following night. Guess that should do wonders to alleviate my sleep debt.

Sticking with books, rather than the net before I sleep would do wonders too. I'll cut down the temptation to do something else, open up another 'last' wikipedia page and play that 'last' flash game. Yeah, books aren't evil. (:

Will report on how this goes tomorrow.

Gotta get to my books and get ready for bed (I'm actually so ready that I'm already on bed),

Hero out.