Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Project Trafford: 40 Man Raid

If anyone out there wants to join the Hamlet's Hero's 40 man raid on a nearby hypermarket, message me ASAP. Let's hope no one gets arrested tomorrow. (:

Go forth and PILLAGE!


P.S. Come join me please if you're free tomorrow evening and live in PJ!


Edit: Although the rising fuel prices caused the 40 man raid to be downsized to a 4 man raid, it was an OVERWHELMING SUCCESS!

Check out the final Project Trafford post on the raid on Friday!

Don't miss it!

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lynn.t said...

i would LOVE to. wish i was back home :) tell me all about it ok!

Kevin Chan said...

I will! Already managed to assemble a crew! Now for the raid! But still message me if anyone's free this evening for the raid on Tesco (whoops! did I just spill the beans?).


ern sheong said...

what is this about? what u mean by raid??

electronicfly said...


cacat malaysian traffic. One less opportunity for me to sampat. :(

Charlotte said...

I really wished i could but im stuck with tuition lessons. Boo Hoo.

Stefanie said...

lost lol :) what do u mean :P oh well will be home sooon

Kevin Chan said...

Hahah the raid went so much better than expected! Didnt go to tesco, but its somewhere more conducive, and I had a ski mask on!

How many people can claim to have done something this cool? :D

calvin said...

buahahaha~ XD

Kevin Chan said...

Hahaha, so Calvin, guess all we got to do is just to edit the thing, eh? (:

Anonymous said...

daanng i wanted to go but ughh u know where i am. nvm i bet my turkish experience is even more awesome than ur raıd ;)

hahah JUST KIDDING! cant wait to hear the full story of the raid

calvin said...

yup pick me up yea?

Andrew Ong said...

I see past your deliberate misdirection - what did you actually do? Buy/"steal" a whole lot of Mister Potato cans/packets in an attempt to promote it somehow? :P

Kevin Chan said...

Video completed and on youtube! But its still set on private! Catch it later on this blog!

ChongX said...

hey buddy, sorry couldnt make it that day :(
oh well, you still have me on your team boy if you ever need me=)

lynn.t said...

OI. hurry up!!! i wanna know what happened!!

Suh Ming said...

hurry up i want to watch it!