Thursday, June 12, 2008


"Reading is to the mind what exercise is for the body"
- Joseph Addison

I've been sleeping early and exercising for two days now and I must say that it feels great! Work feels better and less stressful and I'm happier and more cheerful overall! Even my mother commented that I am more optimistic and happy these couple of days. I guess I'll do me good to keep it up.

Anyway, on to my next task.

Task for day 4:

Make some time (at least 30 minutes a day) to study and learn something every day.

Yes that's the task, and its really easy to get into it because I have SO MANY unread books in my room (yes I know I'm really blessed)!

I've always been a fan of self improvement, and reading is one very good way where one can learn more as well as improve one's self. Just think about it, almost any problem that has been faced by mankind has been written about in detail somewhere (by perhaps very bored people) and all that we have to do to learn about it is just to pick up a book and read!

It's really sad that a majority of people stop reading once they leave school. That's the sad, sad truth though. The fact remains that a successful education should not ensure that one does not need to depend on books anymore, but that one has inculcated a habit of reading.

The world is constantly changing and becoming increasingly competitive, and you're just going to be left behind if you don't read! Surfing the web for useless, random information doesn't count (yes, I know that Wikipedia can get really addictive), because most of the good stuff out there is just so hard to find. It really is so much better getting a book (or an ebook for the tech savvy) because it really is able to teach you so much better.

I'm reading a book titled " How To Get Rich: Using The Power of Your Mind", a book on memory training as well as Donald Trump's "Fortune Without Fear" and they really are wonderful.

Going to continue on my reading now so pick up a book if you haven't already!

Hamlet's Hero out!