Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Map

A little note from Mr. Chuah to show you where the party will be:

The map of the place is in the link below=)

Jalan SS21/38

Click here!

- Chuah Chongxian


No updates yesterday as I was out catching with Nimalan, who has just come back from the UK, and the gang. So I guess I didn't sleep too early or do my reading that night, but I guess it's ok because I had something legit to do, and not just surfing the web aimlessly for hours on end. I exercised though...

Can't lose this momentum! Gotta keep it up! Going to prepare for tonight's party after work today! I guess I'll come up with the next task on Sunday.

Again, What Women Want may be slightly postponed this week! But I'll still be as interesting as ever!

My (ex-) students, SEE YOU AT THE PARTY TODAY!

P.S. For you older peeps, THERE WILL BE A PARTY SOON TOO LAAAAH! Kevin gives you his word. (: