Thursday, January 17, 2008

Another year has passed, but memories remain.

Back in 2001. (click to enlarge)
*sorry, but need help with the few blank spaces. Thanks Victor and Wai Kwan on helping me with the names!

Guess that we've definitely come a long way, but I just can't stop smiling how we're still keeping in touch and remembering all the good times that we've had together. We've grown up together, and lets never be too lazy to keep in touch kay? Batai forever!

Thanks guys (which includes Dansen and Wei Huang who are not in the pic) for such a wonderful night! It was definitely the sweetest birthday surprise that I have ever got.

Thanks to,

Wei Huang and Shiat Nee, who are like the happiest and longest lasting couple I know. Thank you for bringing so much laughter and fun to our gathering.

Jun Ai, who is still as charming as ever, with her sweet, sweet smile. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of seeing you smile so sweetly.

Dansen, for being there even though it was really my fault for not doing more to keep in touch. Lets remember to keep in touch kay?

Victor, who is still as witty as ever. Thank you for being my friend all these years, even when we were still in primary school. Friends like you are few and far between.

Wai Kwan, who still has the same retarded laugh and still claims to want to be single. Any guy would really be lucky to have you, so don't keep them all waiting!

Wing Chuan, who still is as crazy and hyper as ever. Thank you for always making life more interesting, be it during add math tuition or a drinking session.

Chong Sian, our up and coming celebrity photo-blogger. Thanks for always making times fun with all your (sometimes lame) jokes and stories about how you met celebrities.

Yi Ting, my big brother that has always been there for me, looking out for me, and being the best friend any guy could ever ask for. Thank you for always taking the time to come over, fetching me around, and always being there to talk to me or give me advice whenever I'm down. My life would have been far worse off without you in it; its people like you that make it shine!

And how could I forget...

Lynn Li, my beautiful and terribly sweet friend who put this surprise all together. I really didn't expect anything like this! Thank you for choosing such a wonderful cake which was so good it was orgasmic. Darryl, you are just so lucky to have her. Thank you for making my 19th birthday one that I will always remember.

Thanks so much guys! I'll never forget this!

Great friends like you guys make memories so much more meaningful. Just wish that I could have everybody I love and truly care about with me today. You guys all mean so much to me!

To everyone else that wished me happy birthday:
Thanks guys, every single wish meant so much! Hope that I can see you soon. To those overseas, keep in touch, missing you guys here!

I'm gonna have a great birthday, I already am. (:

p.s. : I made a bet with Wai Kwan. I'll have to buy her dinner if she's still single in 10 years time, on 17th January 2018. If she's married, she'll have to buy me dinner instead. A bet's a bet. (:


Anonymous said...

dude u look so innocent in that unlike the horniee look u always have on ur face...

Kevin Chan said...

corrupted already la dude. haha, don't let looks decieve you! :P