Sunday, January 20, 2008

Deep pondering.

Still pondering over some stuff that I was writing earlier. Brain is in a total mess.

The million dollar question is:

Does thinking about a former lover mean cheating on your current one?

If I may clarify, thinking in this case does not refer to casually reminiscing about past lovers every now and then but to pine for another person that you were previously romantically involved in.

Is it ethical to start a relationship with someone else when your heart and soul still belong with another?

Please comment on this if you can by adding comments (not on the chatterboard please, but by clicking the comments button). They will be very much appreciated (REALLY, guys, please comment! Would be so great to hear what you think on this issue that's bugging me right now. Not that I'm thinking of anyone else, but I'm just curious).

And yeah, guess I didn't do the 3 posts a day thing today but I still have a little treat for my loyal readers! Keep coming guys and support Hamlet's Hero. Will do my very best to keep you entertained when you visit my humble site. (:

A little something that I saw on YouTube that made me go OMG multiple times. Just for you my dear readers!

If only I could change so fast!


SlowCatchUpKuan said...

this is just my personal opinion. i think if you're not totally over ur ex then do not start a serious relationship with a new girl lor. it's not fair to the new girl. but if u really think u can forget ur ex in time then make sure u tell the new girl ur situation and make it clear to her lor at the start of the new relationship.

Stefanie said...

"Is it ethical to start a relationship with someone else when your heart and soul still belong with another?"

I dont think its that ethical in a way that u will still be thinking about your ex when u r in a relationship. Because if you are with the current person and u are still thinking. Your I love you will mean like I love you and (you). For eg. your current one will be like maybe just a fall back so to speak, like just to help you forget about the previous one. Well i guess its something which needs to be clarify and dont rush into things :D