Wednesday, January 02, 2008

A Labour of Love - Romantic Things to Do!

My simple survival kit.

Realised that when you really love someone, even the simplest things you make for them just become so beautiful. Hope that she'll like it when I pass it to her!

It really is worthwhile when you spend time on something for someone and when you pass it to that person, that person tells you that your present was the sweetest thing ever. :D

Since I'm so good at being sweet, and I'm in a good mood today cause I got all my tickets settled already, I'll share with you readers's top 3 romantic ideas! H

3 Romantic Ideas that (hopefully) won't go wrong:
1. Bake her a brownie. I love brownies, and I'm sure that lots of girls like them too. They aren't really too hard to make and they're a great way to show someone that he/she is well worth the effort.

2. Make a scrapbook of the relationship. This is a tough one, but if you really care about someone and have plenty of photos, this one is the clear winner. If you do it well, you will have something that will keep the memories alive for all time. My personal favorite.

3. Have an impromptu picnic. Well, this is one that I screwed up because of the weather. :( But if its good weather, grab some food, a mat and some drink and head out and have a picnic. Its great fun and makes for a really interesting date.

Well, these are just some ideas, but I still believe that the essence in being sweet and romantic is that it has to come from the heart. If you really love someone, and you really think of that person all the time, I'll come to you (I hope).

Guess this whole thing is genetic, here is my 7yr old brother making cards for his 'girlfriend' and her family! Now thats what I call sweet!

Dear Chia Min Dee, happy new year!

When I was making this for her, I went through lots of my old school stuff. Guess time really does fly. Looking at the pictures and stories I wrote while I was still in primary school makes me realise how old I am already.

Mayshi drew this for me when we won the Taylor's inter-school debate, I printed it out.

Class of 5 Jati. Man, I miss you guys.

Hope that whatever you make for your loved one works out too!

Just don't get them imitation harley davidson stuff.

That just won't work.


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That is soo terribly sweet!!!!

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3rd last photo - why's the girl's face "so"?