Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Crysis and the Big Bang

I've been rather quiet lately because I was up to two things:

  1. Playing Crysis - the most amazing first person shooter (FPS) that I have ever seen.
  2. Watching The Big Bang Theory - wonderful comedy about two socially inept prodigies who are living across the hall to a beautiful blond bombshell.

Crysis is an awesome, AWESOME game. It is so good that it is worth the money to get a proper system that can run this extremely processor crunching game. Crysis is not only good because it looks stunning - trust me, the visuals look photorealistic - but because it has one of the best gameplay in a first person shooter that I have ever seen. Killing North Korean soldiers never was so fun because Crysis has excellent AI which enables the soldiers to duck for cover, attack in squads and ambush you among other things. The functionality of the nanosuit that your character, codename Nomad wears also adds a whole new dimension into the game. With just the click of a button, you can alternate between several powers that your nanosuit possesses. You can be in either strength mode, which enables you to jump extra high and snap enemies necks with a simple melee attack; armour mode, which enables you to absorb extra punishment; speed mode, which allows you to move at superhuman speeds; and stealth mode, which allows you to cloak and move around invisible for a short amount of time.

Futuristic soldiers in their nanosuits, can I ask for more?

If Crysis had one flaw as a game - it's that it ended with one of those darned irritating cliffhangers, making me impatiently wait a couple of months before the next installment is released. Oh well, I guess Crytek just wants to milk more cash out of their killer app, but I prefer my games to provide a little more closure before we start thinking of the expansion pack. Blizzard did it just fine with Starcraft and its expansion pack, Brood War. At least loose ends were tied up after every story so you don't have this horrible, horrible feeling inside you wanting to know what happens in the next scene at least.

Yeah, smart is the new SEXY!

The Big Bang Theory is this wonderful new series that is a must watch for anyone with an inner geek inside them. While I must say that some of the jokes here are kinda hard to catch (for example, Sheldon talks about the Mandelbrot set of complex numbers as a metaphor for Penny's messy room) you are in for one hell of a laugh if you get the jokes. And besides, don't we all love to watch (and root) for the nice, well meaning geek (who indulges in Halo 3 and World of Warcraft) in his quest to get his dream girl?

So if you're a closet geek, just make sure to just watch this series because it's really going to make you laugh till your tummy hurts (or it could be just me relating to it too much).

The theme song for The Big Bang Theory is pretty good and the Barenaked Ladies did quite a good job with it.

Presenting - History of Everything by the Barenaked Ladies:

Hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.