Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Making Money Online - Part 2

Was just going through the paper in the morning and this caught my attention.

I made my first million online... selling glass?

There was an article associated to the advert, written by about making money online too. According to the article, managing an online business is the best bet to make money part time, while doing other things like studying (or just bumming around like me (: ).

Here are some of the benefits of an online business (courtesy of the article):
  1. You can start with a low budget - you only need to invest a few hundred ringgit for webhosting and making your own DIY website
  2. You only need to invest about 10 hours a week in your website
  3. You can do it all from the comfort of your own home
  4. You get to be your own boss
The article also gives out some tips on how to be your own boss online, courtesy of Fione Tan, President and CEO of (supposedly that lady in the picture).

Guess you can make money online if no one sees your tulan face.
  1. Give yourself three reasons why you want to make money online.
  2. Set your goal to make a certain amount, e.g. RM 100,000 on or before Dec 31. Setting a clear goal will always make your path easier.
  3. Plan what you want to sell online which can give you your targeted revenue before the date. This can be a combination of selling of products, services or information. (*this is the HARD part, if anyone gets ideas, please message me right away).
Yes, I did check out the website (, but it really didn't help me much. They just kept telling me time and time again to join their seminars and courses and all. ): Guess I'll just give one of their seminars a shot and see how they are. Would be really worth it if I could end up making a million bucks selling glass. (:

Will probably be attending their workshop 1: How to sell online and make your first million, on 31st Jan (Thu), from 7pm to 10pm at the eOneNet center at Damansara Perdana, PJ cause the place is really near to my place too. Its RM38 for one workshop, so if anyone is free, lets go together shall we? Contact them at 03-77105618 or 012-2328878 or go to their website for details.

Been doing research on making money lately but still have no clue on how to make big money online.

This is what I have been doing all day...

But I still have no clue. Maybe I should just sell glass like that chap who made a million bucks, or I should just get a job.

Let me know if you know the secret to being a millionaire selling glass, cause I would sure want to know how.

Glass, anyone?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin,

Cool blog you've got here.

Ideas for selling online? Well, you can think of your passion & hobbies too. Eg if you like dogs, then you can write a blog about a "specific" dog related topic eg like how to train your dog etc.
- $ can come from selling affiliate program products like dog clothes, dog training tools, and even other books / ebooks too

For your own blog here, are you adding in Google adsense codes too? One of my American student is making over US$3,500 from this method alone from his site!
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Yes, our seminars are Paid seminars haha. But you can also check out the free internet marketing blog at e1Net internet marketing blog for free tips & successful case studies.

Cheers, Fione Tan - Internet marketing Asia company

Anonymous said...

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