Sunday, January 06, 2008

What I Have Been Up to Recently

Things I Have Been Up To Recently:

1. Checking out my sitemeter and realising that my views have dropped drastically over the past few days probably due to my infrequent posting due to my impulse trip to across the straits. ): Will post regularly now that I'm back ok readers?

2. Worked on my late Christmas gift for my muse till the wee hours in the morning for a couple of days.

I'm in your box!

Knew I should have like prepared it earlier, but why do all the best romantic ideas I get come just before a certain deadline? Guess I shouldn't be complaining as I still got those fantastic ideas and got my survival kit done. :) Look at it every time you miss me kay dear?

3. Went backpacking (to deliver a late Christmas present) for the first time.

The source of my back pain.

Wasn't sure where I could spend the night before I went there so I just brought a big backpack, complete with sleeping bag strapped to the side just in case. (Really, sleeping out in a park or a quiet corner really isn't that bad Lynn.) Was really lucky to have such great friends and in the end, I only had to use the bag as a blanket or bed cover of sorts. Thanks Shaun and Maria!

Carrying a backpack can seem easy the first day or first few hours, but at the end of the three days my back was aching so bad it was difficult to sleep on the bus. Guess I was trying to be too smart by carrying my bag all around me wherever I went in town. Thank God I'm all right now after a good night's sleep on my own bed. You've been warned, readers!

3. Playing with games on the new computer!

Running Crysis on the machine smoothly. As smooth as a baby's bottom.

Got a new computer which totally kicks ass and a beautiful widescreen 20.1 inch monitor! Keefe bought it with help from Dad cause of his absolutely excellent PMR results! The best thing is that I get to use it too! Love you Keefe!

By the way, this com is powered by a GeForce 8800GT and it totally kicks ass in the graphics department. Been playing Crysis and I must say that this machine handles it really well with little or no lag. And it still looks as beautiful as ever. Sadly I've only got the demo version, must get the full version soon. And of course Call of Duty 4 as well.

This is really how good it looks on my com. Serious. :)

On the other end of the spectrum, my brothers and I have been playing another really old game which has really stood the test of time - Star Control II, ported onto modern computers as freeware as "The Ur-Quan Masters". Its really old, and really pixel-ish, but melee combat with another player using the same keyboard is as exciting as ever. Owned your Vux fleet, Keefe!

Two spaceships duke it out with their deadly weapons.

Played this game so many years ago at a cousin's house and still love it today. So glad I found it. Download it for free online and try it today!

4. Received sweet things from my youngest brother, Keane.

Keane Chan

They say that Keane is a lot like me in many ways. He looks like me, acts like me, and is as loving and sweet like me. :)

The special thing about Keane is that he is a Valentine's baby. Yeah, his birthday falls on February the 14th. He also is really really sweet. Look at what he got me when I got back from my trip.

Cute little sweets!

He gave them to me like this:
"Ta Ke (big brother in chinese) here's a sweet for you!" (puts sweet on study table)

"Nah, I give you one more for Claire." (puts another sweet on the table)
Didn't I say before that he was the sweetest thing ever?
Lucky guy, all the girls will be rushing to spend his birthday with him on Valentines day! :)

5. Going through the theory part of my driving course.

Safety Driving Centre

Attended the driving theory lecture at Safety Driving Centre on Sunday morning. It lasted for 5 hours but oh well, it is a compulsory part of the steps I've gotta go through before I get my learner's license. Gotta prepare for the upcoming driving theory test soon as well. Hope everything goes well.

Thats all for now. Till then, Hamlet's Hero signing off.


Anonymous said...

Keane is super super cute!!!! Gawd, and so so sweeeeeeet!!!! :) Kinda like his big bro eh :D

ps: i still think sleeping in the streets is CRAZY!!