Friday, January 11, 2008

A Night Out

I have been bumming around at home, with only me, myself and my computer and its pretty much screwing me over. Also, no thanks to some issues I'm facing right now, I'm also pretty tired and I just needed to go out. So I gave Roger a call.

He came by and we just went out, with absolutely NO IDEA where to go. So we just drove, and drove and drove till we had NO IDEA where we were.

We ended up here:

Metro Prima Shopping Centre, in Kepong.

Yup, you sure got that right, we just went from Mutiara Damansara (my place) and ended up lost in Kepong! Kepong town looked really ulu, but we saw this shopping mall and we were like, "God led us here, there could be chicks here!" So we went in.

Parking is cheap in a small town!

Well, we didn't quite find the chicks, but we found chicken!

Marrybrown - hard-to-find Malaysian grown fried chicken franchise

We decided to eat and Marrybrown because seriously, how many of these do you see around? Sure there were some outlets in PJ but as far as I'm concerned, the outlets closed down a long time ago, and this quaint outlet was here waiting for us in an ulu mall in Kepong. It was God's will.

...and of course they had wonderful swing chairs!

Where else would you find swing chairs that you can swing as you eat? Only in KEPONG!
But Kepong was not much more than that though. So after dinner, we brave travelers hopped back into the car to our next destination...

The Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur!

Its a pretty cool place but one thing I must mention is that it so reminded me of Singapore. The architecture reminds me of some parts of Vivo City, the stores there remind me of the high retail in Ngee Ann City and Paragon, and the prices there are oh well, Singaporean prices in Ringgit too!

Getting ready for Chinese New Year!

But hanging out at the Pavilion wasn't that great anyway, what really mattered was the good company, and the chance to see KL at night, something that I've hardly done, in my 18 plus years of existence.

The merdeka -clock-tower-building, just opposite the Merdeka Padang.

...and our dear PM watching over late-night KL.

Things may be different now, but I guess the way I feel about some things just doesn't change, and probably won't change for a long time.

Still dreaming wacky arcade dreams!


su said...

gee that picture of the PM is freaky. kinda reminds me of 1984's Big Brother.

Kevin Chan said...

haha, yeah I know. like he's watching over the whole city and all. but everyone says that the only thing he's doing is sleeping these days, so maybe thats just a front. :P