Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Life Nomadic

Ever dreamt of just selling off all your worldly possessions and just travel light all around the world to meet new people, new cultures and new ways of life while we still can?

I have. Always thought that it would be cool to just travel all around the world with a close friend and camera in tow, seeing all there is to see.

Alas, traveling isn't cheap. Where do I find the money for all of the expenses incurred?

Tynan and Todd, at www.lifenomadic.com, here seems to have found the answer!

In their own words:

Life Nomadic?

Tynan and Todd sold everything they owned, filled two small backpacks with the best gear and technology available, and set out to explore the world and find adventures.

Yup, they sold everything they owned, and set out into the wild world out there, sustaining their lifestyle with money that they make online. That takes balls the size of watermelons I tell you.

You need balls this big to do what they do what they did!
Really hope that someday I will have the means to do what they did and someday do something so cool like that too.

Gotta keep stretching my boundaries and perhaps the balls will follow suit! (: