Monday, January 21, 2008

Save the Kota Damansara Community Forest Park

Got an email today which looked something like this.

Save Kota Damansara Community Forest Park

The Kota Damansara Forest is a 100-year old forest that is in danger of being developed. It is the last remaining forest in Petaling Jaya, and it keeps PJ cool while giving all the residents a chance to enjoy nature. It is only 5 minutes drive from The Curve. Some locals call it our local "Tasik Kenyir".

MBPJ in their DRAF RANCANGAN TEMPATAN PETALING JAYA 2 (RTPJ2) have proposed to develop the whole forest into high density flats.

Please sign our on-line objection form, see our YouTube video, and support us. Click on the link below:

We appreciate your support. Please send this email to all your friends. Thank You

Friends of Kota Damansara

Saving the Natural Environment for our children and future generations.
Kota Damansara Community Forest
This is for our children and our future generations

MBPJ have planned to destroy the whole Kota Damansara Forest (aka Sungai Buloh Forest) to develop high density flats. This will result in .... Floods, land slide, traffic congestion. The loss of this forest is a loss for all Petaling Jaya residents.

Please help us to protect the forest for our future generations by filling up the Borang Bantahan. It will only take 2 minutes of your time to protect a 100 year old forest (the last patch of forest in Petaling Jaya).

Are they barking mad? Isn't the Kota-Mutiara Damansara area already super congested? The Curve is only a short distance from my area, just a couple of kilometers, but because of the congestion in this area, it can be a hell of a crawl to get there during peak hours. We've got tons of land in Malaysia, why can't we build somewhere else?

In times like this, when our Menteri Besars start breaking their promises, I do feel ashamed to be Malaysian. Here, it is an open secret that bribing the correct people would easily grant a developer access to previously gazetted and protected land.

Come on, Kota Damansara needs a green lung. It's already bad enough that the MBPJ allowed for the creation of an unplanned cemetery at the far end of Kota Damansara that caused the price of land there to depreciate. Smarten up, will ya?

So, if any of you readers believe in supporting this cause, please click this link and sign the online petition against this grevious crime.



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See photos of the event today: